Sunday, November 29, 2009

A video, a movie & a reminder :o)

Hope everyone survived Thanksgiving without gaining too many unwanted pounds...ha, ha! The joke around the family most of the weekend was that if we weren't constantly grazing, then we were definitely eating! SERIOUSLY!???! But it was wonderful! My family wasn't able to all be home, but my DH had his entire family least 40+...what an awesome gift!!!

So for the video that I am brother's son, Drake, age 3, was enjoying some coloring pages on Thanksgiving day; well, he completed one and he went over to Grandma and said, "I want another Cornucopia". Just like that. It was plain as day. I thought this was rather impressive for a 3 year old (considering that I just had to search online to figure out the correct spelling!) So, I decided to video him right quick...he got just a little irritated with his Aunt Stacy :o)

Cute, huh???

Now for the sons are avid sports fans. So, when a new sports movie comes out, we just have to see it. We hadn't been to the theater together as a family in quite some time as it is considered a treat for us, so we thought it would be great to see a movie today, before the work/school week got started.

So we went to see THE BLIND SIDE. What an awesome movie! We all loved it...& if I were guessing, we all shed a few tears too. Just a great movie with a wonderful message about looking past what you see, following your heart, opening yourself up to a whole new world...& the movie had a great Christian message as well. Just can't say enough good about it. On top of that, Sandra Bullock was terrific as usual, & Tim McGraw (be still my heart) was great too :o) Definitely recommend!

Finally, a reminder: Be sure to stop back by on December 1st! It's the first ever Scrapbook Circle Blog Hop! & there will be a chance to win a December kit from Scrapbook Circle AND a chance to win a blog prize from me :o)

Well, that's it for now! Thanks for stopping by!

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