Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Me & Project Life

I am a lover of all things Project Life.  It has totally transformed the way I scrapbook...the way I THINK about scrapbooking :)  Here are just a few things I want to share...
  • I am behind.  It's a fact.  But my attitude about being "behind" has changed.  I can live with it.  I can make it work.  When LIFE allows, I will finish up those areas of Project Life that I am not quite done with...
  • I am totally doing a Project Life version of scrapbooking for both of my son's high school scrapbooks.  Its the ONLY way they will ever get completed & it is so EASY.  I love that the page protectors are so flexible...& easy enough to change if I want to add, subtract...you get the idea!
  • In just a few hours this past weekend, I was able to finish the month of January 2012...I am loving the Clementine edition.  Here are photos of my January layouts.  VERY simple.  Very.much.done.
Week #1:

I am very much keeping it simple, especially because I am ALREADY behind for 2012.  Skipping the extra inserts at this point.  It is just a snapshot of our life and it is perfect...

Adding a few stickers here & there, but that is the only extra embellishing that I am doing.  I put the stickers directly on the photos or journaling cards. 

LOVE using the colored days of the week stickers on my journaling cards as a way to "bullet" journaling...it just adds a little something fun!

Here's Week #2 as a spread:

There are times when I go back through the photos that I took for a week & think, wow, we were busy and this is the best that I could do?  I found myself looking for photos on my cell phone and also using Facebook uploads as a resource.  Gotta love technology.  It is our everyday life :)

With Jeremy away at college, it is sometimes hard to find ways to include him in our Project Life...thats where Facebook comes in handy.  Here I was able to pull a basketball game photo that had Jeremy in the student fan section.  LOVE that!  I used the arrow stickers to point him out in the crowd.

Week #3 layout spread:

This week I included photos that I took of some of Joel's recent artwork.  He does amazing pencil drawings!

Basketball is in full swing, so I find that seems to be a weekly feature in our Project Life.  In my OLD ways of scrapbooking (before Project Life) basketball photos only ended up in the boys' school albums, but now they will be in BOTH.  Makes.me.a.happy.momma.

Week #4 layout spread:

I am really loving the clean & simple look.  I will be adding inserts when the photos call for  it, but for right now the priority is to get the weekly layouts DONE!

YES, more basketball...

Well, that pretty much takes me to the end of January 2012.  Did I say earlier how much I adore the Clementine edition?  It has just enough masculine design mixed in with a little feminine flair.  It's absolutely PERFECT :)

Thanks for stopping by!  Take care!  & hopefully I'm not away from my blog for an eternity again!