Thursday, July 16, 2009

P365 2009 * POTD * 7.15.09

Mission: Project 365 2009

Task: Take a "Picture of the Day" everyday

Goal: Create an album that documents a snapshot of everyday life


Last night...

It's 11PM

Yes, 11PM...why on earth was I not already in bed?

Joel suddenly realizes that he is hungry...


There he is in the kitchen...

trying to fish a dill pickle out of the pickle jar.

What is it about the dill pickle?

I'm not a huge fan,

but some kids (& adults) just go crazy for them????


I suddenly realize that the POTD has NOT, I repeat, NOT been taken!

This is not good.

Not good at all.

MOM: Hey, Joel...I haven't taken our POTD.

JOEL: (standing at the fridge with a rather large dill pickle hanging out of his mouth, turns to me & he's like): Take my picture already...(but he doesn't actually say that because of the dill pickle...)

MOM: Ummm...Joel, I'm not taking your picture with the dill pickle stuck in your mouth.


He poses for me

I snap the photo

I review it

MOM: Joel, this is actually a really good picture of you!

He takes a look

MOM: You are really cute!

He walks away, with a funny grin/smirk on his face...

Knowing just how cute he really is...

He's gonna break hearts someday, huh?


P365 * POTD * 7.15.09


[note to self: in the future, prior to taking photos in the kitchen, do the dishes first]


Diana said...

to funny! and he IS a cutie!

Karen W said...

I love this post! I am chuckling as I send you kudos on the picture of your cutie!

Claude said...

You are funny!
He will definitely break hearts!

Candace H said...

So that's why I never take pictures in my kitchen, lol! Seriously, great photo of a handsome boy! And I love that it's "real" and captures the moment completely!