Friday, March 5, 2010

Yep...I'm still here :o)

Seriously??? Has it really been that long since my last post??? That is totally what happens when you have 2 sons playing high school basketball...I was barely able to stay above sinking in January, but W-O-W...February was just a BLURRR....

Well...the boys are now done with basketball (kind of a bummer, but they really did have a great season all things considered!) & the high school class that my DH & I have been teaching since September will be receiving the sacrament of Confirmation this coming Sunday...that will be a HUGE relief! An amazing experience...but so ready for it to be DONE :o)

As for scrapping...well, just have not had much time at all for anything extra (that is kind of a bummer too, my friends...) I hope to find a little free time soon...gotta feed this addiction, you know! I have been drooling over the fab-U-lous creating going on over @ Scrapbook Circle...the new design team is just amazing & Lisa's kits have been just over the top...Go check it out!

My latest article @ Scrapjazz is is so fun (& cool) to actually see the article when it's posted online...this one is called "Travel Scrapbooking:Colorado". I shared a number of my vacation layouts from our various trips to Colorado...these layouts are older, but some of my favorites :o) Would love to have you check it out HERE!

Hope everyone is doing well...I miss you all! Take care & hope to get around to your blogs again soon....

Take care! Thanks for stopping by!


Jill Deiling said...

wow, it definitely sounds like it's been busy for you! I'm glad you guys had a great basketball season, congrats on the class too! :)
I love your article over at scrap jazz!
I hope you find some time for scrapping soon! :)

Diana said...

hey lady! Glad all is well! Know what you mean on the busy scale! Sheesh! :)

Lisa Howard said...

Man do I ever hear ya about time flying by! February was a mere blur for me too! Glad to hear the boys seasons were good ones. I miss going to the high school games. Of course, my daughter only cheered but I love watching sports.

Hope things slow down for ya soon and you get a chance to create again. I miss seeing all your crafty goodness! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. I really miss ya! Off to check out your article. Have a great weekend! xoxo L

Amy said...

As a mom to two boys as well, I feel ya! LOL..thanks so much for stopping by today!