Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wheat Harvest 2009

Just jumping on here for a quick share of oldest son, Jeremy, is working for a local farmer this summer. Actually, this is his 3rd he has become quite the expert! ha, ha!!! I am so proud of him! He works so hard and you just can't put a price tag on experience like this...he has learned so much about responsibility and work ethic, all while having fun too. He is always coming home with a story about his day...yeah, I should be writing those down!

So one evening a few nights ago, Jeremy calls me. He says, "Mom, what are you doing right now? Are you busy?" I say, "I'm not too busy. What's going on?" He says, "Well, if you hurry, you can come out to where we are harvesting and get a great sunset picture." LONG PAUSE HERE. Of course, I'm so touched that he thought to give Mom a call....& he is totally trying to help me get the PERFECT "picture of the day"! I dropped everything & drove about 10 minutes & here's what I captured:

The beginnings of a perfect sunset:


Cutting wheat:

and this:

Here's my favorite:

Another gorgeous Kansas sunset...nothing else like it!

Thanks, Jeremy....these are going to make some awesome scrapbook pages :0]


Sue said...

That is so touching that he called you. Those are the moments us moms treasure - when we know we got something right (and our kids know we are forever scrapbookers)! There truly is nothing like a beautiful Kansas sunset. And there's something quite beautiful about the wheat fields. They look so sad after they've been cut (but of course, that's what they were planted for). Sorry for the long-winded comment.

the life of a teenage scrapbooker said...

don't you love sunsets!
i wish i could look at them everyday! when we go camping in the summer that is one of my favorite parts! they're so gorgeous!
Nice photos btw

Linda Stubbs said...

You don't know me, but it was neat to see you are a Kansas girl and just wanted to tell you it was neat to see the men working together. We are also farmers and had a wonderful harvest time. I am originally from Alaska, but love Kansas

We love the Kansas sunsets. Last night the kids called me out to see the moon just as it started to come up. Breath taking.

Blessings, enjoyed your blog!