Sunday, June 7, 2009

{92 Days of Summer}

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a link to Your Memories By Design...what caught my eye was the "92 Days of Summer" I clicked the link and now I'm officially hooked! YMBD is hosting a fun contest and the ONLY catch is that you take a photo everyday beginning on June 1 and each week you must create a layout (or a 2 pager) using those seven unique photos from the week. Well, since I am already doing Project 365 (taking a photo everyday) I thought I'd join in on the fun! I considered creating a separate album for the "92 Days of Summer" project, but I think I will use the great 12x12 pp's that were included with my Project 365 kit and create layouts using those supplies...that way, the layouts will coordinate perfectly with what I already have going with my Project 365 album...hope I didn't lose anyone there? Does my rambling make any sense at all??? LOL!

So, I took my daily photos this past week! That's step one! Now to get the layout created...hmmm...the deadline for layouts to be included in the contest isn't actually until Sept. 30th, but there are chances along the way for EARLY BIRD love to be in the running for some fun scrappy stuff, right??? RIGHT!!! But I have a couple of other scrapbook projects with DEADLINES for now I think I will settle for having the photos taken!

The great thing about YMBD is that the forum is posting weekly inspiration, a sketch, photo taking ideas, etc. So this works so well with Project 365...& who couldn't use a little inspiration?!? Here's the sketch they posted this week. You don't have to use it, but I think I will...

& did I mention prizes are up for grabs??? the Grand Prize??? is a SLICE!!!

Just thought I'd share my photos for the 1 week:

June 1: My cute little ceramic frog that is currently sitting on my front porch...he is one of my signs of summer for sure!!!

June 2: Now this isn't the greatest of photos, but it was the best I could get of our newly installed Onyx shower. There is a long story behind this photo that you DON'T want to here, but in a nutshell, we have been without our master shower since December, so it is such a relief to have the new shower DONE!!!

June 3: The boys headed to lift weights and then basketball workouts...

June 4: Another sign of summer at my house...the canister of whey protein sits out on the counter while the boys are lifting weight during the summer...they are trying to gain weight...hmmm...& I am trying to do the exact OPPOSITE! LOL!

June 5: Caught Kevin in his mobile office...he is on his cell phone a CRAZY amount of time every day...

June 6: Joel is showing off his woods project from this past year at school. He just got it done & brought it home...I am loving it!

June 7: We hosted a youth religion class end of year party today...& I caught Jeremy trying to fit into this swing...LOL! Boy has he grown up!!!

As usual, it is getting late...& tomorrow is another DREADED Monday...ha, ha! So better sign off for now! Thanks for stopping by! Take care!!!


KimmyKimKim said...

I love the photo journal of your week! Saw it linked on YMBD and popped by! Great job!!

LETUMom said...

Love your blog journaling. I may need to think about getting more into the journaling part of my blog. Great job!

Claude said...

That's a great contest, especially since you are doing project 365 already!

I added my pics from April 3rd to April 16th, if you are interested!

Karen W said...

Thanks for passing this along. Sounds like fun