Thursday, January 8, 2009

Project 1 thru 8

I am so excited about Project 365...what a fun, new way of taking photos & recording your daily routines & family happenings! The idea started with Becky Higgins' and her Creating Keepsakes Kit of the Month which you can see here:

This kit went on sale on Jan. 1st & sold out in a matter of minutes...the website crashed, customer service has been so-so, just a real BIG mess. I tried to order 2 kits on the 1st, received 3 confirmation emails, and after holding for 2 hours on Monday....I have been told that only one of my confirmation #'s is valid and is in "fullfillment"...whatever that means! I'm still not 100% convinced that I am getting a kit...but either way, I am taking photos everyday & loving the process! If I don't get Becky's kit, then I will just create my own.

So on to the important stuff! My photos!

So this is obviously my photo for Jan. 1st...frustration @ the computer when trying to order the Project 365 kit...wonder how many have this photo for Day 1??? he, he, h e

But just as a backup for Jan. 1st, I couldn't resist this super cute photo of my niece @ her 8th Bday party...those darn candles just wouldn't stay blown out! The photo is a little hazy because the those candles created SO much smoke! Too funny!

I woke up on Jan. 2nd not feeling too great (fighting ANOTHER sinus infection...grrr...) but as soon as I took a look outside, I knew I just had to step outside for a quick photo...the sunrise was gorgeous with purples, pinks & oranges!

Have I said how hard it is choosing just one photo for each day??? Here's another photo for Jan. DH loves to scratch KitKat's ears...& can you tell how much she loves it???

Moving on to Jan. DH & oldest son are working together building a grill/smoker...lots of welding, thinking, planning & re-thinking are going into this project! But my DH has wanted to build this "dream grill" for quite a while, so I am glad he is finally doing it! He says he's scrapbooking...very funny...

Sunday, Jan. 4th: My youngest son lives to hunt...he got a brand new shotgun for Christmas, so he has been taking advantage of every possible opportunity to hunt over the Christmas break. Before they headed out, I said "Be sure and get our PHOTO OF THE DAY". Good job, Dad.

So it's Jan. 5th & it's least favorite day of the week. Today's photo is pretty simple; just my desk and my 32 oz. Diet Pepsi...& yes, it's a necessity!!! I am sure that I could not function without it!

Moving on to Tuesday, Jan. 6th. Christmas break is over & the hectic pace of school has resumed! My oldest son had a basketball game out of town tonight, so I drove home from work to pickup my youngest (he's on the left) and 2 of his buddies. Before we headed out of town I said "Ok, I am taking at least one photo every day this you are my photo today!" They didn't duck & run (I was shocked) They grinned & I love this photo! Not a photo I would normally think to take!

Photo of the day for Jan. 7th...this is not what I thought was going to be my photo. I stopped to fill up with gas today & decided to record for posterity the fact that gas is under $2.00 per gallon. Anyway, on Wed. night my youngest asked if I had taken a photo yet today...did I mention that my family has really gotten into this project??? Love it!!! I told him I had, etc. He sat there on the couch with KitKat with this cute look on his face & I just couldn't resist!

Finally, today's photo! We had a junior high basketball game youngest is an 8th grader. My DH records the games for the coach...thought this would be perfect for Project 365! He just laughed when he saw I was taking his pic...probably thinking, jeez, what is she thinking?
Well, that's it so far! I am pretty pleased with my photos this week...& really enjoying this process! Check back plan is to try to post my photos weekly. hopefully. oh yeah, GO SOONERS!!!

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