Sunday, January 25, 2009

Project 365...good thing I didn't plan to post everyday...

So life sometimes gets in the way! & I knew that going into this project! I knew there was no way that I would be able to post my photos would more likely be that I would post them whenever I got a chance! So rather than focusing on getting laundry done today...grrr...I decided to get my Project 365 album started! Can I just say that I am loving this project? It will be so wonderful to have a completed album of 2009 photos @ the end of the year!

So here are the photos from Jan 9th thru Jan 18th: (yes, that's a lot of photos!!!)

Jan 9th: We traveled to Rolla (the edge of the earth or you can at least see it from there!!!) with Gpa & Gma Weber for Jeremy's basketball game. I just couldn't resist this photo of Joel & Jacelyn...she loves those junior high boys!

Jan 10th: It's Saturday & thought it would be nice to include our poor, lonely, forgotten dog in the backyard. Lucky couldn't believe that she was getting such attention! Thanks Joel for getting our photo of the day!

Jan 11th: Rhonda had the brilliant idea to celebrate January birthdays together! So we had a wonderful meal @ the shed and Pamela, Gpa Milford, Jeremy & Tia got to blow out the candles!

Jan 12th: It's Monday! Wish I didn't HATE Mondays so much! ha, ha Joel had a basketball game vs. Moscow tonight...took a photo of the team during a timeout. Funny to see the difference is the size of the boys at this age!

Jan 13th: It's Homecoming week so for 60's, 70's & 80's day, Jeremy decided to dig out Dad's letter jacket & wear it to cool is that?

Jan 14th: Just a random photo for today...Kevin always has tons of "work" to do after hours @ home...

Jan 15th: Jeremy's 16th birthday! Can't believe how time has flown by...& he is growing up into a wonderful young man! Here he & Joel give mom a great birthday photo! Thanks kiddos!!!

Jan 16th: It's Homecoming & a huge game vs. S.'s a snapshot of a timeout...this game was close all the way, but the Goldbugs came out on top! Great job guys!

Jan 17th: Jeremy is playing catch up on some school work on Saturday morning...that is kind of unusual for him...missed quite a bit of school this week with several funerals and a Swiss meet.

Jan 18th: What a crazy, busy weekend! Youth mass & fundraiser dinner today...we raised nearly $500 for our NCYC trip so that is a great start! I wasn't feeling too good so I took a nap this afternoon...hope I'm not getting sick!

And finally, here are my title page & layouts that I have completed so far in my album...this has been so easy to put together and goes right along with my "theme" for 2009...SIMPLICITY! I am not really adding much to this is very SIMPLE!!! Love it!!!


Karen W said...

Great job on the Project. You may not have posted everyday but you are cookin! I don't post everyday either.

debbie said...

I followed you over here from Becky's blog. I like checking out other people's ideas for Project 365. Just wanted to say that I really like how you used 2 of the journaling cards right next to each other for 1 day's worth of journaling - and you can see it all. Great idea! I'm going to have to use that! --Debbie

sweb said...

Great are doing a great job keeping up with your 365 project! You sound like a very busy lady!!!LOL