Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!! & lots to share...

So how about some exciting news??? I was recently asked by Becky Fleck of PageMaps to create a layout for her January 2009 PageMaps....let me just say that I am a HUGE fan and of course, I said YES!!! She sent me a PageMap sketch by email and I soon found out that I would be working with a horizontal 8.5 X 11 PageMap...I normally do 12 x 12 layouts, so this would be a challenge for me, but I was up to it!

So here is what I created: "explore"

These are just fun photos of my family during our summer vacation to San Diego...loved that the PageMap I got to work with allowed me to use so many photos...just my style!!! Go to to check out the January 09 newsletter, etc. You can also find me listed as a friend of PageMaps...more like a FAN of PageMaps!

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Karen W said...

Awesome job. Can't wait to see what you post for your Project 365. I have not been a great blogger but hope this Project will change that. Thanks for sharing your blog, I will stop by from time to time. If you have a chance stop by my blog.
Enjoy the Journey