Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Scrapjazz....& "a week in the life".....

I just never quite know when my articles will be posted at Scrapjazz...I was surprised to see another article of mine post today! It is a fun article on creating a mini album using empty toilet paper rolls...go check it out...just for fun :o)

I'm loving the process of "a week in the life"...having lots of fun taking tons of photos and gathering bits & pieces of our life this week! Here are just a few of my favorites so far:

MONDAY 4.19.10

{feeding Lucky...she deserves more attention than she gets!}

{school gear}

{Jeremy & Joel - giving Mom a quick smile before heading to school-thanks made my day!}

{Me - on the commute to work}

{Dad & Joel working on the lawnmower}

{Girl kitty, Shadow - she's one sassy cat & doesn't much care for the camera...}

TUESDAY 4.20.10

{Lunch with Kevin - the unsuspecting camera angle...gotcha!}

{track meet @ Ashland - Joel finished in 6th place in the triple jump!}

{these smelled amazing}

{Jeremy finished in 6th place in the javelin!}

{Dad & Jeremy - LOVE this picture}


{a touch of Spring}

{Joel is all smiles today}

{getting the mail}

{Joel cleaning @ the locker}
Well, that's it for now...will try to check back in before the week is over...Prom is this weekend, so things will be busy around our house!
Thanks for stopping by! Take care!


dawn said...

Hi Stacy

I love all you pictures, you have been busy. Love the color of your hair, so pretty and great photo of yourself. My daughter Renee has a track meet tonight, will get pictures, so funny the one with your husband, our lilacs haven't bloomed yet but I love to smell them too, that's a pretty wreath. I just posted my favorite picture from yesterday. Thanks for stopping by and the comments you left my son is so excited about all this and keeps reading the comments. Have a great Thursday!!

Lisa Howard said...

WOW! Fantastic pics! You are such a pretty lady...and your sons are such handsome young men!!! Wish I had taken the time to capture the day to day more before my kiddos flew the coup. Hope you are gearing up for a great weekend! xoxo -L