Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's a winter wonderland...

So, yesterday was quite the change in weather for us! We hadn't really had much of a winter, with barely any snow...& then, BAM! Out of nowhere, we get hit with a blizzard! Lovely! Kevin drove to work (yes, he's a bit CRAZY!) and then got stranded on the way home...yikes! Luckily, a VERY nice guy took him in for several hours...he finally made it home late in the afternoon...someone was looking out for him 0:)

Kay & Adrian, Kevin's parents, had BIG plans of celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this weekend...but those plans had to be post-poned due to the blizzard...pretty bummed about it, but hopefully everyone will stay safe!!! Happy Anniversary, Gpa & Gma Milford! Love ya!

My guys are already up and at 'em this morning...all bundled up & headed out to shovel snow...the boys are asking about sledding, so hopefully we can do some of that this afternoon...with over a foot of would be PERFECT!

Have a great day...I gotta go get some scrappin' done!

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